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The Companion Stand is an original, patented practice aid developed for players who want to enjoy the banjo longer without the strain from their heavy instrument. Watch the demo video to see how it works.

We hope the Companion Stand will help make banjo playing more accessible for people of all ages so that everyone can join in the fun of this great American tradition.


How much does the Companion Stand weigh?

​The entire stand weighs approximately 2 lbs.

Does the stand need to be attached to the banjo in any way?

No, the banjo simply rests on the stand. The weight of the instrument and the padded, non-slip cradle hold it in place.

Can I use my banjo strap while using the stand?

Yes, it is recommended that you always use your strap for added stability and support.

How do I position the stand?

Sit in your normal playing position and place the stand between your feet slightly angled toward your body.  Place the banjo on the stand and lower it to a comfortable height.  Adjust the leg of the stand until the banjo sits and feels natural. If the banjo feels tippy or unbalanced you may need to adjust the angle slightly.

Can I use the Companion Stand while standing up?​

It is not recommended, since the Companion Stand is designed specifically for seated players.

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