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Custom Truss Rod Covers

A custom truss rod cover is a great way to add a personal touch to your banjo or other instrument. We offer free design services to create the perfect style.

How to get started:


The most important measurement is the screw hole spacing so that your new custom truss rod cover will match the existing dimensions on your instrument. Simply measure the distance from the middle of the top screw hole to the middle of the bottom screw hole. It also helps to send us a photo of the hole spacing with a ruler beside them to assure accuracy. 


You can choose nearly any shape, from the traditional Gibson bell to your own creation.


Send us a picture or drawing of your idea and we will create a computerized rendering. Silhouette images work the best but we're happy to create more intricate pieces. Images can be created from inlay or etched and filled with ink. 


Choose from a unique combination of wood, mother of pearl or abalone. Exotic woods like purpleheart or padduk are a great way to add a natural splash of color. Standard blank mother of pearl covers are available for purchase through the online shop.


Pricing starts at $40, depending on material and how intricate your design is. Send us your specifications and we'll provide a quote for your order.

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